Assistant Bar Manager awarded €21,000 in redundancy payments by the Employment Appeals Tribunal

A former assistant bar manager who found his hours cut from 5 days a week to 2 days a week in August 2012 has been awarded €21,000 in redundancy payments by the EAT.

The claimant had worked in Kielys pub Donnybrook since 1989 before finding his hours reduced in 2012.  He alleges that this reduction was as a result of work being given to family members of the owner instead.  The claimant, who held a senior position at the pub,  had been informed around this time that he was better off to look for a new position and was promised redundancy which was never paid out.

While the claimant found a new position within a few days of finishing his employment in Kielys, the Chairman of the EAT, Dermot MacCarthy SC, found that the reduction of his working hours amounted to a significant alteration of his contract of employment thus entitling him to repudiate said contract and claim redundancy.


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