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European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rules employers can read private messages sent over the internet during work hours.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that a company which had read an employee’s messages sent through Yahoo Messenger while he was at work was within its rights to do so.   The employer company argued that the man, a Romanian Engineer, used and sent message of a personal nature through Yahoo […]

Case begun challenging a Will involving an allegation of undue influence against a beneficiary

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan began hearing a case on 26th June 2014 involving an allegation of undue influence over an elderly testatrix, Claire Browne, in the High Court.   It is alleged by a the plaintiff who is niece of the deceased,and  resides in South Africa, that a gentlemen who had befriended the elderly woman some years […]

FBD Insurance must pay legal costs as a result of failure to carry out a “thoroughgoing investigation”

The High Court has ruled that FBD Insurance must pay the legal costs of a  case as a result of its failure to carry out a “thoroughgoing investigation” of statements made by policyholders. The policyholders were being sued over an incident outside their home in Tallaght Dublin. Mr Justice John Hedigan ruled  that FBD was liable to pay the full […]

High Court rules woman with eating disorder to be tube fed

Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns, President of the High Court, made the order on 28th May 2014 after hearing that the woman’s medical condition was life threatening. A young woman described as being at “grave risk” of malnutrition and irreversible liver injury due to severe anorexia is to be fed through a nasogastric tube against her […]

Cyprus bailout agreed

The European Union’s decision to recapitalise Cypriot banks by inflicting losses on depositors and senior bondholders is triggering investor concern that bank funding across the region will be hurt. Cyprus qualified for its €10 billion bailout by agreeing to close Cyprus Popular Bank,  also known as Laiki Bank, the island’s second largest lender, the EU […]