Fagan Bergin Solicitors welcomes launch of Irish Hospice “Thinkahead.ie” public awareness initiative

Fagan Bergin Solicitors are delighted to welcome the launch by the Irish Hospice Foundation, in conjunction with the Forum on End of Life in Ireland, of the “Think Ahead” public awareness initiative and the launch of the website www.thinkahead.ie.

This website promotes forward planning for your later years and for the wishes and decisions you wish to take effect subsequent to your death referred to by the forum as “planning for death and dying”. The website is aimed at a varied and wide target audience.

The Thinkahead.ie website also promotes planning for your legal affairs and we at Fagan Bergin Solicitors would be delighted to assist any individual who wishes to engage in this legal planning.

In this regard Fagan Bergin Solicitors has a wealth of experience in relation to the following areas:


The Think Ahead initiative promotes that every adult should make a will to ensure that your affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes. A Will is a legal document which outlines your instructions with regard to managing and dealing with all assets and debts owned by you as of your date of death.  A Will can only take effect or be acted upon on your date of death. Prior to that point, your Will can be revoked or varied and amended as many times as you wish. You are entitled to continue to deal with all assets as noted in your Will in any manner you so choose before your death.

As your Will acts as your written instructions following to your death it is important to ensure your Will is drafted in accordance with the requirements of the law and legislation. It is also important that it is drafted in the most effective manner possible in order to ensure the best management post death of your assets and general affairs in line with your wishes.

Click here for more information: http://www.faganbergin.com/wills-estate-planning-wealth-management/

Power of Attorney Documents

The Think Ahead initiative also promotes information with regard to Power of Attorney documents. There are two types of Power of Attorney documents;-

1. General Power of Attorney – authorises a nominated person of your choice to manage your affairs on your behalf. You can revoke a General Power of Attorney at any time and when you cease to have capacity it is automatically revoked.

2. Enduring Power of Attorney – enables you to nominate a person to manage and deal with your affairs in circumstances where you become mentally incapable of doing so. Your inability to manage your affairs must be confirmed by your Medical Practitioner. The Medical Practitioner is required to confirm you no longer retain the appropriate mental capacity or ability.

A Power of Attorney document can be specifically tailored to acting on your behalf in relation to a particular event, or can be more broad ranging in nature and authorise the management of your banking affairs, assets, personal care decisions etc.

Once again, as a Power of Attorney, is very significant in its effect it is important you are fully advised as to the nature and effect of same.

Click here for more information: http://www.faganbergin.com/age-related-elderly-care-issues/#PowersOfAttorney

For more information or assistance in relation to making of a will and estate planning or completing a power of attorney (general or enduring) and other  end of life issues please contact our offices directly at info@faganbergin.com or by telephone at 01 8727655.


Mary Bergin, Annemaree Igoe, Danielle Kerins

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